1700’s – Ortega & Anza brought settlers to California on horseback
1700s – King Carlos III deeded the river lands and it’s resource (later determined to be the people’s land, State land along the South LA River & still used by equestrians to this day).
1800’s – Bixby family drove sheep to market on horseback to San Francisco, contributing to the growth of the State’s economy and kept horses on the river lands.
1800s – Circuit judges rode horses contributing the growth of the nations’ judicial branch.
1947 Trail Legislation – Mapping of the historic horse trail network from the Mountains to the sea and all of Southern California by City of Long Beach and County of Los Angeles – trails have been corrupted, whittled down and are dangerous with motorcycles and bikers speeding along the crossing and elected officials resist installing proper signage, or consulting with the appropriate experts on horse trail needs, putting us all at risk.
1966 Trail Preservation Act – trails and the lands that support those trails that are an aggregate of 100 or more miles should be included but officials resist applying for that protection (due to high density development being a greater push).
Public Trust Doctrine – Indicates State Land (South LA River lands) cannot be sold, can be used by people(s) who have had a key part in the growth and development of the State and it’s economy (equestrians), yet Wrigley’s equestrians are being labeled as “encroachers”.
1977 Horse Overlay protective zoning for 6 districts in Long Beach to preserve the presence of horses and the equestrian lifestyle in Long Beach. 2 zones established in Wrigley, all have been whittled down dramatically in an attempt to eliminate them in favor of high density development. So much for following past legislation efforts when development dollars are waving in front of decision makers.
1981 – Wrigley equestrian private trail agreement, County threatened development, County took deposit, Knabe & county officials continue to attempt development with negative impact to horses, have still kept the money and continue to breach the agreements.
1981 – Wrigley equestrian established use permits over LA river lands until such time the lands were sold (AB530 determined this is State property and cannot be sold).
1982- Public entities and private profiteers continue to consume river land resources for development and personal gain, whittling down lands needed for equestrian culture.
1986 – Countryside Lane high density development allowed in protected equestrian zone
1989 – 18 homes high density built on the 3100 block of San Francisco in Wrigley
1990s – Public Equestrian arena & LB Mounted guard stables & facilities removed from Wardlow equestrian zone (later to become a dog park).
1998 – LA County Flood Control and Army Corps of Engineers build up the berms of the LA River, of the 3 construction methods available (parapet wall, retaining wall or increased earth footprint), the one method that has the greatest negative impact to Wrigley’s equestrians is used without any environmental review or mitigation for the loss of land and pushing the trail into a know flood zone.
2013  – City & County officials meet with Wrigley’s equestrians, continue to  change terms of use agreements and despite multiple promises have never followed through to provide us security for
2015 – AB530 “Lower Los Angeles River Revitalization bill” – verified that the courts determined the soverignity of the Lower Los Angeles river is retained with the State of California, not County Flood Control, but the people, therefore the lands Wrigley’s horses have been using for hundreds of years are subject to Public Trust Doctrine, should continue to be used by Wrigley’s 9 horse properties.
2015 – Kanabe sends letter stating he will uphold the 1981 agreement, but then resists recording the easements that tie to the 1977 City zoning.
6/30/2016 – Place types is rolled out with the DEIR at the joint planning commission/economic development meeting – Lawler speaks out for the first time against the omission of the 6 horse overlay zones.
Place types zoning is a development land grab thinly veiled under the guise of need for more housing and this high density plan is being pushed upon us WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL.
Place types zoning opens the door for inconsistent high density development without mitigating for environmental impacts under the guise of a need for more housing. It is not in the best interest of my equestrian community in Wrigley or the equestrians citywide and should not be approved and not without voter consideration.
Respectfully please oppose the place types land use element of the general plan and stay with the traditional zoning that includes the full 20 pages of equestrian zoning overlay and includes all the zones established in 1977 for horses.
Thank you.

Contact your Long Beach City officials to oppose the place types land use element of the general plan and stay with the traditional zoning and do not allow higher density in the equestrian zones or throughout the City.
e-mail: Heidi.Eidson@longbeach.gov; ‘fern.nueno’ fern.nueno@longbeach.govcityclerk@longbeach.govdistrict1@longbeach.govdistrict2@longbeach.govdistrict3@longbeach.gov;district4@longbeach.govdistrict5@longbeach.govdistrict6@longbeach.govdistrict7@longbeach.gov;  district8@longbeach.gov;  district9@longbeach.govmayor@longbeach.gov

Thank you.
Renee Lawler
Equestrian Assn of Wrigley Heights, a CA non-profit
Vice President
Historic Equestrain Trail Assn of Southern California, a CA-non-profit