Place types will eliminate the last remnants of the rancho lifestyle. Development encroachment has been methodical sacrificing the large parcels that are critical habitat for this unique community.

In 1977 the horse overlay zoning established 6 protected zones; however, in less than a decade the City of Long Beach approved high density ignoring those protected zones: Countryside Lane in Wrigley Heights, 18 homes on the 3100 block San Francisco Avenue in Wrigley Heights, Removal of the public stable/arenas @ Wardlow, Removal of the LB Mounted guard facilities at Wardlow & Golden, Removal of the horse stables parallel to the terminal island freeway….and so on.

Eliminating the 1977 protected horse overlay zones shows that elected & appointed officials are continuing a pattern of not upholding prior legislative promises and there is no intent to address or mitigate for the negative impacts place types will impose on this already at risk equestrian community.

What does it take to have representation in this City? In the last 40 years the equestrians seem to have had none. Wrigley’s equestrians are in District #7 although there were equestrian zones established through the City, but we have not had any representation in decades, likely not since the 1940; nor has anyone in the City or County for that matter taken a serious stand for this historic group and prior protective zoning & legislation.

The equestrian community is at a disadvantage having become a minority. The horse can’t speak for itself and the bulk of the horse community if too fearful to be singled out and discouraged based on past abuses, so they resist going to meetings or filling out surveys . I have been the voice in the area for a long time and have suffered numerous negative impacts to my person, and property as a result. In the course of speaking out for the rights and needs of the horse community my reputation has been besmirched, we have been labeled “encroachers” by the Mayor’s office and others, and have been literally under attack in a variety of subtle and overt ways, all because we are fighting for our right to exist.

When discussing these concerns, I have been told “it’s too bad you (equestrians) don’t have a large majority of votes or enough media attention” and had Luis Garcia of Public Works in Febuary 2017 had the gall to say to me “why don’t you just move”.

When did our laws change to give rights of existence only to the majority or at the discretion of officials likely in the pocket of big development?

Allowing broad sweeping change such as “place types zoning” without adequate environmental review and mitigation to specifically address the historic & fragile horse community is wrong and should not be approved.

Why don’t we have any public servants representing the needs of the horse community when there is a duty represent us all?

In attempt to speak out and defend our rights of existence I have been threatened physically, harassed, treated with contempt, labeled an encroacher, had my rights of quiet enjoyment are abused and been virtually ignored by current & former politicians and officials.

Where are the defenders of the prior legislation that needs to be upheld before horses and our existence in the City and region is extinct?

Where does our charter, general plan or constitution state that only the majority or only those who can afford to gather political sentiment in their favor will be protected?