Horses are still frolicking in Long Beach, but not for long, if place types zoning is approved. The LUE (Land Use Element) proposed with the General Plan has omitted the 20 pages horse overlay protective zoning that applies to 6 areas in Long Beach established in 1977 that was a result of an exhaustive environmental review. The Planning Commission on 8/17/17 in Long Beach voted for further public outreach and several commissioners realized the plan was not complete and needed further Citywide public input. However is seems that the Development Services, must be in the pocket of developers, (much of their fees are paid from permits) and they (Amy Bodek & Chris Koontz) ignored the Planning Commissioners vote and the volume of objections from citizens across the districts, and indicated this will go in front of the City Council for approval on 10/3/17 despite the Planning Commissions’ decision that it was not yet ready to do so.

Who is running the show downtown? Who is representing the interest of the citizens? Seems development is winning over what we the people want for our communities.