Project approvals along the LA River, & vicinity (PERA, DeForest Wetlands Project Approval, Greenbelt Home Development, Wrigley Greenbelt…) without further review as per AB530 and revised EIR continue to create cumulative negative impacts to the complex Equestrian Trails, lands and Equestrian community

  • Historic Preservation – Trail critical issues not adequately addressed, unsafe or no connections
  • Minority Community – no voice, inherently not willing to speak out, no social media, disillusioned with past decision makers
  • Legislation – Regional Planning & Legislative History to protect the trails and associated open spaces not considered, 1947 Regional Trail maps, 1966 Federal Trail Act, State Law AB530 2015
  • EIR – Inadequate EIR studies regarding cumulative negative impact to the equestrian communities, historic trails, corrupted trails, unsafe connections
  • Signage – Safety right away yield signage inadequate or non-existent in most locations along the rivers & trails, missing at most gateways, destinations and multi use crossings and mergings
  • Amenities – Inadequate or no provisions for equestrians at trail gateways & destinations, parking, corrals, rest stops, overall amenities non-existent
  • Education – Lack of yield, right of way protocol education to the general public regarding equestrian in mixed use trails and at all crossings, entries and exits
  • Sustainability – Planners and decision makers have an incomplete knowledge of the critical needs of sustainable, safe, future trail/equestrian needs.
  • Risks & Liability –Currently all user groups on the “multi-use trails” are in danger, at risk enormous liability to County of Los Angeles and City of Long Beach, et. Al. due to lack of signage and education
  • New State Legislation AB530 – Should supersede prior plans and be the new doctrine with respect to correcting errors, omissions and defecencies regarding equestrian trails and the needs of it’s minority voice.

Current State Legislation AB530 Update to L.A. River Master Plan Aligns Upper & Lower River Restoration Plans –  was voted into law October 9th by Governor Brown, acknowledges the complex nature of the South LA River and the need to re-evaluate on a regional basis all the stakeholders in the area. That legislation was unanimously supported by our state legislature as well as being supported by Mayor Garcetti and includes a large well respected task force of supporters such as the Coastal Conservancy and Mountains & Rivers Conservancy.

I urge you uphold State law AB530 and not vote to approve any further projects such as the DeForest Park/Wetlands project adjacent to the LA River until the cumulative negative impacts to the equestrian community and trails are further reviewed and studied and address the critical issues for survival of the integrity of the equestrian trails and open spaces needed to support this fragile user group.

This legislation should serve as the immediate guideline to begin the process of correcting the decades of planning documents have been filled with errors and omissions regarding the equestrians who have become minority group, plans that have failed to meet the critical needs of the equestrians, the historic user group in the region. The outcome has been a cumulative negative impact to the equestrian community, thereby dramatically diminishing the integrity of the historic trails, and driving down the number of riders and reducing the number of “ranchos” in Long Beach and the South LA Region to the point of near extinction.