The consistent corruption of the historic trails & open spaces that are the lifelines of historic equestrian communities and riders has occurred through the methodical elimination of the necessary facilities and amenities’ in local and regional projects over time and the lack of acknowledgement of this minority groups’ needs has had a cumulative negative impact on the future survival of the equestrian communities and their safe riding experience.

Plans for PERA, the Deforest Park/Wetlands, Riverlinks Home Development Project, and Wrigley Greenbelt, the 1996 & 2006 LA River Master Plan and subsequent Riverlinks plans continue to fail to meet the minimum local, regional, state and federal standards for EIR/CEQA/NEPA review in providing for the preservation and enhancement of the equestrian trails and their associated community of users. Despite your predecessors enacting legislation in 1947 as a result of review by a Regional Planning Commission to preserve and protect the LA River and vicinity historic equestrian trails for the future recreational enjoyment by the general public, the equestrian community has become a minority voice unheard by elected and appointment officials and planners for years and that legislation has been virtually forgotten and ignored.. The result has been that the trails we depend upon for survival, their safe connections, key equestrian facilities and many equestrian communities and riders have been methodically eliminated. The horseback riders and equestrian home owners in the South LA Region have become a minority by the most classic definition and our still visible historic lifestyle in Wrigley for instance, is subject to extinction in this Southern region.
Many equestrians are inherently reluctant to organize, speak out or be in the lime light, although a mixed demographic, the equestrians in this region are a predominately Hispanic group, without a group organized in social media and a groups needs should not be penalized and their historic equestrian lifestyle and future should not be allowed to be continuously in jeopardy for lack of voice heard and diminished numbers due to lack of representation.